Our Farm

On our farms, we use the outdoor low intensive dairy farming system which is made up of the following:

This system operates well in areas with high rainfall as the feed for the cattle such as grass relies on moisture to grow. This system is found in countries like New Zealand, Ireland, some specific areas in the US, including Missouri, the west of the UK and some parts of Europe and Australia

Often these herds are no more than 200-550 cows, simply due to the fact that cattle walk to their fields every day and its recommended that they don’t walk more than 1-2 miles

The breed of these cows (These cows are New Zealand Friesians crossed with British Jerseys and are known for the creaminess of their milk.) usually only produce around 4000-6000 liters per year – unlike the high intensity of indoor farming where cows can produce up to 20,000 liters per year.

The milk produced however has a much higher milk composition (milk solids). This means that fewer liters of milk are required to produce for example a liter cream

Cows are feed an all forage/grass diet, outside in the beautiful countryside fields.

The farms where we will produce and purchase our milk from all use the outdoor low intensive dairy farming. We feel that this is better for the cows, allows them to be animals, live off natural forage as well as having their job. This is where the company name came from as we love our cows and caring for them, even giving a couple of them names (Daisy, Dotty, Dora and Honey to name just a few) and extra cuddles when they come in for milking. We believe all our cows are very happy living this way, hence, The Happy Cow Chocolate Company.