About us

We believe life should taste good, be good, feel good, and do good. 

We have a love of creating, a love of chocolate, and a love of finding new and innovative ideas to diverse the farming life, whilst building foundations and helping good hardworking people & families all over the world. 

We help to bring people delicious, handmade, small batch chocolate, made bean to bar with our own farmed milk. As well as providing this high-quality product, we also help to educate our customers on sustainable, ethical products and do our best to support our farmers. 

We are The Happy Cow Chocolate Company


We are part of a third-generation family business that was founded over 75 years ago in Cheshire. Having grown up and worked on the farms, Grace wanted a way to diversify and combine her love of chocolate with her love of the cows.  

After much training, education, and trials, the first official chocolate samples were made and distributed to test groups for feedback. Our best seller (the Handmade Blonde Chocolate) was an instant hit, with our other recipes still needing some tweaking. But determined, Grace knew she could produce amazing chocolate and persisted until the recipes for all four flavours were perfect!  

Since then, we have had added several stockists to our ever-growing list of partnerships, who've all come back with amazing feedback – We have even had some small market stalls which have been close a sell-out success for Grace and the team. We are so proud of how far we have come and cannot wait for the next challenge and adventure! 

Grace still splits her time between her beloved cows and her gorgeous chocolate, so check out our social media to follow along on the journey! (You may even get a few cute pictures of calves!) 

Why not have a try of the delicious chocolate?